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Alanui's journey began in 2016 with a collection centered around a single unique piece, available in a wide range of models and colours: the Cardigan. The brand, which in Hawaiian means "broad path", stems from the idea of a warm garment full of emotions that will accompany the wearer throughout their life. The Cardigan, part garment and part artwork, is conceived as a continuously reinterpreted blank canvas to translate the emotion of each journey, through ever-changing patterns, colours, materials, and crafting techniques. Alanui's designs are a celebration of Italian craftsmanship, combining creativity, high-quality fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail. The oversized cardigans are crafted from the finest cashmere, consisting of four to seven different yarns, requiring five to seven hours of workmanship and an additional six hours for assembly. To ensure a luxury piece that lasts forever and accompanies you on life's journey, a lot of patience and dedication is invested both in its design and its crafting. Each piece is made with love and meticulousness to achieve a level of luxury that only intensifies with time. Inside your Alanui cardigan, you will find the Saint Christopher medal, the patron saint of travelers by land, sea, and air. Wearing the image of a saint, both as a medal and as a stitched image, is an ancient tradition later adopted by surf culture. From day one, this hidden good luck charm has been a consistent feature of the Alanui Cardigan, serving as both an embellishment and a subtle reminder of the garment's role as a long-lasting travel companion. As part of Alanui's commitment to sustainability, Carlotta and Nicolò continuously seek and implement new methods to reduce the environmental impact of each collection. This includes focusing on sourcing more certified and responsible animal-derived materials and increasingly selecting materials from circular systems while moving away from non-renewable sources.