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The original sport sandal came to light on the banks of the Grand Canyon in 1984. The idea was born to prevent sandals from slipping downstream: a young and intuitive kayak guide decided to detach the straps from a watch and apply them to a pair of old flip-flops. And there it was: Teva was born. In the following years, Teva has maintained the same pioneering spirit and continues to celebrate the freedom to explore. An icon of originality, Teva was created to give people the freedom to explore. We inspire those seeking new experiences and encounters of all kinds. This self-definition of freedom still holds its value today. We live to discover… to be amazed and astonished by each new experience, both ordinary and extraordinary. Our hunger for knowledge is unstoppable; we experience the world through ever-changing cultures, people, and places. Day after day, we renew our commitment to guiding you in new adventures of all kinds. All our footwear is conceived as a painter's canvas. Durable and timeless, our polyester straps are continuously renewed in a variety of designs created by our designers from around the world. Thanks to the valuable collaboration of our historic designer Nadine Marchal, we even invented an exclusive weaving process to create uppers with geometric patterns. This is just one of the many ways to offer our customers unique footwear, made to give them the opportunity to express their personal style. We believe in good business. Ones that positively influence our community, protect the environment, and inspire future generations. Our Corporate Responsibility Program encourages us to carefully analyze the broad impact of our activities on employees, customers, communities, and the global environment. Our greatest passion is to protect wild places and make outdoor life accessible to everyone, regardless of their social condition. Our donations are allocated to various organizations that share these values, including Grand Canyon Conservancy, Camber Outdoors, Conservation Alliance, and many others.

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Sandals / Shoes Sales / Sneakers