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Woven laminated slipper - STELLA D'OTRANTO

EUR 119,46 71,68 -40%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 119,46

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Polly strap sandal - STELLA D'OTRANTO

EUR 150,95 90,57 -40%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 150,95

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Stella d’Otranto originates from the curiosity of master artisans to experiment with creating the typical sandals in Salento. Each sandal is the result of a precise creative process aimed at ensuring quality and attention to detail, blending tradition with modernity. We are proud to offer our customers a selection of products made with the highest quality leathers, sourced exclusively from Italian tanneries that use traditional and environmentally friendly tanning methods. Each leather is carefully selected to guarantee not only its exceptional softness and durability but also its sourcing from ethical and sustainable origins. We collaborate only with certified Gold LWG suppliers who share our commitment to transparency and traceability, ensuring that every product we offer is the result of high-quality craftsmanship and a controlled, responsible supply chain. In the heart of Salento, the art of craftsmanship comes to life through the skilled hands of our master shoemakers. Each sandal is born from a creative process that celebrates local tradition, enriching it with a unique contemporary touch. The precision and dedication of our artisans are evident in every detail, creating pieces that embody the essence of quality and attention to detail. We are committed to preserving and promoting the ancient art of craftsmanship in Salento, passing down the techniques and skills that define us from generation to generation. Each sandal is an ode to artisanal mastery, a tangible symbol of the pride and passion we invest in every creation.

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