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We are in 1935, in a Milan very different from the current one but already at the forefront, when the couple Piero and Germana Chiesa inaugurate their raincoat production business in via Bronzetti. They have an innate passion for quality and the intuition that this approach could make a difference in the then nascent clothing industry. The choice of the name itself is very indicative of the vision of the founders. They decide to associate the idea of ​​the sea with their anti-rain proposals and invent the neologism Sealup, merging the English word sea (sea) with the Milanese term lup (wolf). From the 1960s, Sealup garments began to travel the world and boast exceptional testimonials such as first lady Jackie Kennedy. The intuition of collaborating with emerging designers, including Water Albini and Karl Lagerfeld, to create what we now call capsules, makes the difference. With the passing of the baton to Giorgio Chiesa's children, Filippo and Cristina, respectively President and CEO of the company, the search for quality, combined with the continuous innovation of production processes continues to be the focus of Sealup and this cannot ignore a rigorous Made in Italy.

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