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15306A BLEU


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The shape of a shoe, the height of a heel, the scent of a leather, its colors and movements. Every detail is the extension of the personality of the wearer, but sometimes it is also the expression of the creator. Much more than an artisan company, pantanetti is a creative laboratory, a world rich in tradition and passionate research. Everything revolves around the emotionality and instinct of the stylist who, with colors and nuances, transforms simple footwear into a manifesto of identity, expression and individuality . The Pantanetti collections are for women and men. reflect the duality of the company: the models start from traditional shapes and let themselves be contaminated by new trends, clothing and design objects. Pantanetti shoes have an unconventional identity and give the wearer a perfect fitting and impeccable softness. Tradition and innovation come together in a brand with deep roots but always in step with the times. Pantanetti uses technology to keep its history alive and to satisfy every desire of its customers. The models of all the past and current collections are organized in a digitized archive, connected to the network with the production system. It is therefore possible to reorder footwear from past seasons, even in single quantities and in different colours. In the heart of milan’s fashion district there is a space that houses the entire Pantanetti world. It is a place to deepen its philosophy, learn about products and processes, and cultivate authentic and lasting relationships. Even in the showroom you can breathe the creative air that distinguishes Pantanetti: colors, style, emotions are the protagonists of every encounter.

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