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sneakers Rush in camoscio sabbia e tessuto bianco - ghoud

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Born in Venice, from the desire to create products that capture the essence of hedonistic minimalism and the spirit of the world's most iconic and mysterious city. GHŌUD was born with the mindset of eliminating excessively embellished branding and focusing primarily on letting the quality of the product speak for itself. And by revealing the deep connection with Venice's millenary culture. Using the highest quality materials available and an unprecedented emphasis on design and manual craftsmanship, GHŌUD Venice is committed to creating culturally distinctive products that push the boundaries of what is possible in the independent sneaker market. Designed in our laboratory in the Venice area, GHŌUD Venice reflects the deep pool of Venetian cultural influences that inspire us as designers, releasing radically different collections that do not adhere to any predefined identity, but only to the commitment to a thoughtful, meaningful, functional, and enduring aesthetic. The integrity of each pair of GHŌUD Venice lies in our attention to detail. Every aspect of every design combines the ornamental with the functional. From the original outer sole to the toe, counter panel, and laces, to the high-quality upper and tongue, every element of every shoe serves both aesthetic and constructive purposes.

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