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DESA 1972

Heritage, expertise, cutting-edge production techniques and sustainability are the salient features of DESA, an industrial company founded in 1972 in Istanbul by the Çelet Family and the only public company in Turkey in the leather goods sector, with headquarters in Turkey and offices in London, Milan, Düsseldorf and Sofia. What has allowed the company to grow and develop beyond any of its competitors and forge lasting partnerships over the years with the most reowned luxury companies, is first and foremost the complete control of the entire supply chain that allows the verification of every single process in the value chain not only inside but also outside of its production sites from sourcing of the materials to the tannery, from finishing to tailoring through a sophisticated tracking system. Pure and elegant lines, construction details with a refined essentiality, contemporary volumes emphasized by the material inner texture are the salient features defining the codes of 1972 Desa. The 1972 Desa collections, designed by an international team between Milan and Istanbul, are developed in a refined and organic way around leather as a natural material with unique characteristics as durability, softness, rigor and essentiality of design and construction of lines and volumes. The minimalist yet rigorous soul of the product expresses a timeless allure, whose pure elements are enhanced by the precious materials that let the quality of the garment speak for itself. The brand is currently distributed in about 120 multi-brand boutiques worldwide.