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chica bags

Chica Bags is a completely Italian brand that finds its roots in the charming landscape of Tuscany. It is a brand with entirely artisanal production, attentive to the choice of raw materials and the models proposed. Every bag signed by the brand is immediately recognizable, both for its very particular shapes and design, and for the eccentric colors and the characteristic bamboo handle. The added value of the handmade production of each piece allows customers to flaunt a true piece of design, created with care and respect for the materials. The excellence of Made in Italy is once again found to excel in the world of fashion, not only thanks to the individual details proposed, but also to the care and experience of those who work daily in creative workshops to produce unique and original pieces. Chica Bags designs and produces bags in the most particular shapes possible: from very small round models to the more classic soft buckets and the most capacious shoulder bags. Every bag signed by the brand has unrepeatable colors and impeccable attention to detail. The bamboo handle aims to be not only extremely comfortable but also versatile for both day and evening occasions. The grip is thus extremely comfortable and absolutely fashionable: a distinctive point for anyone who loves special accessories. Some models of the brand also include fringes or applications to make everything even more captivating. The brand is currently appreciated internationally, especially thanks to the extreme versatility of the products offered. The classic round-shaped bag with bamboo handle can indeed be worn on all occasions.

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