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508BC 508

508 BLUNDSTONE - Blundstone

EUR 249,78 174,85 -30%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 249,78

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2032BC 2032

587 BLUNDSTONE - Blundstone

EUR 249,78 174,85 -30%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 249,78

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585 BLUNDSTONE - Blundstone

EUR 238,92 167,24 -30%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 238,92

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Ankle boot in black leather - Blundstone

EUR 266,07 212,86 -20%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 266,07

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510 BLUNDSTONE - Blundstone

EUR 217,20 152,04 -30%
Prezzo più basso recente: EUR 217,20

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Blundstone was founded in 1870 and while it has grown to become one of the world's best-known boot brands, the company's headquarters continue to be in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Blundstone footwear has that rugged, iconic look that makes you feel at home wherever you are. They are sturdy, with their natural beauty and distinctive appearance. Built sturdier than they should be, they reflect where they come from. And while they have evolved in style, design and technology over the years, the quality has never changed. They're still built as they've always been: to go anywhere, do anything, and look good every step of the way. The Blundstone Group operates under a set of values which ensure the continued adoption and implementation of legal, ethical and responsible policies, practices and processes across the group. Our declared values are: • THE FAMILY - The people who work with us are the driving force of our company. We take care of them, we respect and value the different groups that are part of our family; • CUSTOMERS - Our mission is to listen, understand and satisfy the needs, desires and expectations of our consumers and our customers; • THE COMMUNITY - We are proud to be an active, positive and contributing member of our communities, locally and globally, today and for future generations; • DESIGN - We are committed to designing innovative, quality and reliable products, as well as the services and experiences associated with them so that they are in line with the purpose; • INTEGRITY - We always try to do the right thing: to behave ethically; to act with integrity and minimize our impact on the environment. The Group - as well as its individual members - has achieved a number of prestigious community-related honors and awards in areas such as occupational health and safety, positive thinking, vocational education and training, process innovation and product quality, demonstrating our performance levels and our commitment to our communities. The Group also manages a program of charitable activities. The Blundstone Group fully supports and respects the industry code of conduct to prevent the exploitation of domestic labour. The Group also ensures that neither we nor our suppliers illegally or unethically exploit adult or child labor.

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