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Jeans in white denim - BARMAS

EUR 249,32 149,59 -40%

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Jeans in green denim - BARMAS

EUR 261,24 156,75 -40%

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Jeans in gray denim - BARMAS

EUR 261,24 156,75 -40%

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Dark blue denim jeans - BARMAS

EUR 287,26 215,45 -25%

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White denim jeans - BARMAS

EUR 211,38 158,54 -25%

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Barmas was born in Padua in 2017 from an idea by Massimo Chiapponi. Raised on bread and denim, with a father active in the sector for over fifty years, Massimo chose to chart his own personal path in the world of jeans. The brand immediately focused on its vision: combining the manufacturing quality of Made in Veneto with the most refined materials and production processes. Barmas is aimed at customers who want to combine elegance, practicality and innovation that looks to the future. Artisan tradition meets the excellence of the yarns, offering the uncompromising quality of true Made in Italy. Thanks to our passion and dedication for our work, we are constantly evolving. Our goal is to offer our customers high quality products, handmade with care and attention to detail, following the Italian tradition and at the same time looking to the future with innovation and creativity.

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